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A Video You Absolutely Must See

Imagine my surprise when I saw this video indicating my vote swung the election.  Take a look... you might want to customize this and send it to your friends, regardless of your political viewpoint.


I guess the moral of this video is "Vote" (regardless of which candidate you support). Take a look at some of the ways history has been shaped by just one vote:

* 1645 - Oliver Cromwell gained control of England.

* 1649 - Charles I of England was executed.

* 1776 - America chose the English language instead of German.

* 1800 - The Electoral College gave Thomas Jefferson the Presidency over Aaron Burr.

* 1839 - Marcus Morton became Governor of Massachusetts.

* 1845 - Texas came into the Union.

* 1868 - President Andrew Johnson was saved from impeachment.

* 1876 - Rutherford D. Hayes won the Presidency of the United States.

* 1876 - France changed from a Monarchy to a Republic.

* 1916 - Woodrow Wilson won the Presidency by carrying California by less than one vote per precinct.

* 1923 - Adolph Hitler won leadership of the Nazi Party.

* 1948 - Harry Truman won the Presidency by carrying California with less than one vote per precinct.

* 1960 - John F. Kennedy won the presidency over Richard Nixon when he won Illinois by just one vote per precinct.

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A Video You Absolutely Must See
Imagine my surprise when I saw this video indicating my vote swung the election. Take a look… you might want to customize this and send it to your friends, regardless of your political viewpoint. I guess… more
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